Sammy – “Sam Adams”

Sammy is a 55 lb black female with over 150 races to her muzzle. She started her career off at Palm Beach, and broken maiden over five races, where she then transferred to Daytona Beach. where she quickly made it to A grade in the 550y distance. Her style lead her to her short career at Southland in the long distance of 659y, where it was discovered her talents would be better suited for the Wheeling Downs races. During her career at Wheeling Downs under trainer Scott Purdy at the Steve M. Sarras Kennel, she continued in the long 678y distance and even raced the marathon distance of 761y in both AA and stakes races! She then travelled to Naples-Ft. Myers for a bit of summer sun before she headed back to Wheeling Downs before her retirement from Flagler in 2016. NGA owner Steve M. Sarras review Sammy’s lineage and racing style, and decided to retire Sammy to his farm to be a broodie. She enjoyed her days basking in the sunlight at the farm, but never did find the pawfect parenting partner, and is now looking for her pawfect family in retirement. — with Steve Sarras.


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