Rut-roh, we’re Backlogged!

The CAN/US border has reopened and Placements will gradually resume.
there are many placements to fulfil befroe we can accept any new applications.
Thank you for your enthusiasm and understanding!
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CRAZY FOR GREYHOUNDS ADOPTION is an adoption and rehoming agency for retired racing greyhounds serving  the GTA and all of Southern, Central and Eastern Ontario, including

  •  east to west from London to Ottawa, and
  • north to south from Barrie to St. Catharine’s

CFGA is endorsed by the National Greyhound Association and works with the greyhound racing industry on an international level, coordinating efforts with other adoption groups to move retired racing greyhounds into appropriate, responsible and loving homes.

Staffed fully by volunteers and and funded by donations, CFGA is dedicated to helping all retired racing greyhounds that come into our care. We help support their families before, during and after the adoption process, and enjoy serving as lifelong advocates for this magnificent breed.

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    The US/Canada land border crossings have reopened but we have a backlog of adoption applications to fulfil before we can accept new applications. 

    Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on changes. Thank you for your understanding!

    Very special thanks to

    Ruffin's Tilsonburg for their incredibly generous diet & nutrition support
    Our fosters wear ID tags donated generously by Dog Tag Art.
    Visit Dog Tag Art today to create your own custom tags!