Adopting a Greyhound
with Crazy For Greyhounds


Crazy For Greyhounds Adoption is staffed by volunteers dedicated to finding comfortable, loving forever homes for retired racing greyhounds.

Upon arrival in Canada, pets are temporarily homed with trained volunteer foster families to ensure the best possible transition from a working professional athlete to a happy & healthy family pet. Foster caregivers carefully assess each dog’s unique personality and character to help match them with their ideal furever family.

Adoption FAQ

What is the adoption process?
  • Complete and submit the adoption application
  • Adoption application is reviewed by our Foster and Adoption Coordination Team
  • Note: applications from homes with young children and no prior greyhound experience will be deferred until all children reach at least 8 years of age. 
  • References are checked by a CFGA representative
  • A conference call is conducted with you and CFGA representative
  • A home visit may be scheduled with our Home Visit Coordination Team if required
  • The Foster Coordination Team reviews all current fosters for eligible matches
  • Once an eligible match is found, the Foster and Adoption Coordination Team, along with the Home Visit Coordination Team, discuss the match
  • If the match is approved, you will be contacted to discuss the eligible match
How long is the adoption process?

We all wish we could have our greyhound yesterday, but our adoption process ensures the right match is found for our greyhounds and for you and your household. Applications are reviewed in the order that they are submitted.

To ensure a speedier processing time, please ensure that your application is as thorough as it can be, and that your references are available.

If our Adoption Coordinator volunteers are able to easily reach your references, the preliminary approval can usually be obtained within a week. The second step of the approval process is to narrow down your preferences for your new hound and coordinate a home check.

What if I want to pick my own greyhound?

CFGA is committed to finding the perfect matches for our retired racing greyhounds, and also the perfect match for you and your household needs.

If you are interested in a specific greyhound, please add that to your adoption application, and our Adoption Coordination Team will take that into consideration.

What standard medical care does CFGA provide before adoption?
  • Heartworm test (and treatment if necessary) until negative results achieved
  • Tick-borne disease panel and treatment as necessary
  • Spay or neuter
  • Microchip implanted and registered with the provider
  • All vaccinations, including DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordetella
  • Deworming and flea/tick preventative
What is covered and included in the adoption fee?
  • One greyhound who is as healthy as we can make him or her!
  • A full set of medical records for the time that greyhound has been in CFGA’s care.
  • Transportation of the greyhound from their racing kennel to CFGA’s care.
  • Rabies certificate and tag.
  • A printout of his or her pedigree and racing record if applicable.
  • Microchip number and tag, and registration with the provider.
  • Martingale collar, 6′ leash, and a basket muzzle.
  • Post-adoption follow-up support.
  • Greyhound-related information packet.
How much is the adoption fee?

As of November 2021 with the reopening of the US/CAN land border, placements will soon resume. Adoption fees may vary widely for the near future. We are predicting the range of the adoption fee could be $750-1000CAD per adoption, depending on many factors such as fuel and travel expenses, customs and testing, currency conversion, inflation, and veterinary expenses (as detailed above). 

If I have adopted from CFGA before, do I need to fill out the application form?

Yes, please. Anyone interested in an adoption should complete the application. This will result in your name being added to the current potential adopters’ list.

In What areas will CFGA facilitate an adoption?

CFGA covers the GTA and Golden Horseshoe in Ontario, from London to Ottawa, from St. Catharines to Barrie and everywhere in between. If you are looking for a greyhound and live in an area outside this jurisdiction, please contact us to discuss.

What if things don't work out?

Surrendering your greyhound should be a last resort as this can be very stressful and confusing for any dog. We are always here to help, so  contact us for assistance!

If after having exhausted all other options you are unable to keep the greyhound, it may not be sold, relinquished or taken to any other person or organization, including a humane society or shelter, without first discussing this with CFGA.

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Not Sure?

If you’re new to greyhounds and would like an opportunity to spend some enjoyable time with these magnificent animals, maybe volunteering is right for you.

Or maybe you’re the perfect person to be a CFGA Foster. If you can provide a safe, comfortable and healthy environment and invest time and attention, fostering can be very rewarding.

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    The US/Canada land border crossings have reopened but we have a backlog of adoption applications to fulfil before we can accept new applications. 

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