Arkans BB Zander – Zander


Zander continues to amaze and humble. Not only is he a gentleman, affectionate and easy to get along with, he is incredibly smart and brave. He’s going up stairs on his own now, and needs very little help going down. This morning he stepped out and down onto the stairs on his own, and I think I annoyed him with my hovering, making him take my steep wooden farmhouse stairs slowly.

Once again, Zander was the first out the back door. He knows exactly where the deck steps are, and follows the fence line. Everyone had a romp, and he was right in the mix. He played chase with Hannah the Belgian, he played bump and run with Kiss and Maxwell (he’s visiting for the weekend, two Blanchard dogs is almost too much love!), and he’s now sacked out with Jack in a nest of blankets.

It’s easy to forget that Zander can’t see with his eyes. He sees the world so well with every other sense.

Zander is my amazing, wonderful foster, and he will make the right home a better place. He needs to be in a home that will help him, but never pity him. He is a proud boy, he knows he’s smart and takes pride in taking care of himself but does need help. He knows the word careful, if he hears it he will stop and investigate further, waiting on his person if he needs it.

He knows up means stairs, and stairs means down… I figured the word should be on the more important and potentially dangerous direction. It would be better if he didn’t have to cope with them though, it’s always a danger and if he falls, it will take significant work to help him regain his confidence.

He crates through the day, but needs to be with his person at night, either crated or loose. Touch is extremely important to him, he uses it to get around both touching me and touching the other dogs. He will startle at a cat, and bark, but is fine if he knows where they are and doesn’t get surprised. He needs the company of another dog, preferably a greyhound or very laid back dog that will buddy up and help him get around.

Zander is thriving and happy!  He will make a great addition!  Contact us if you think your home might be right for him!  [email protected]


We have a very special boy coming up on the next haul who will require a specific kind of home. Arkans B B Zander (Zander) has retired due to vision issues. He currently has very low vision and is able to see shadows and may lose is vision altogether. “Zanderlicious” is described as a happy, loving, sweet and gentle boy who will need a home with another greyhound who won’t mind him being close as he uses touch and proximity to help him navigate and feel secure.

Zander comes with a lot of support as he is co-owned by James & Sarah Elizabeth Blanchard and DarrenRachelle Henry. He is one of the “Henry Hounds” and anyone who has an “Arkans” dog can attest to how wonderful they are. We also have an adoptive family who has a retired racer in the same situation as Zander and has offered any guidance based on their experience.

If you think Zander might be a good fit for your home or are thinking about adding another grey to your family, please e-mail us at [email protected] with “Zander” as the subject.